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talent acquisition

In a need of talent? This is what we can do for you.

  • Source and contact talented superstars suitable for the available position (with combined experience of almost half a century in Talent Acquisition business, we have excellent networks both domestically and abroad)
  • Give information regarding the open position to the talents
  • Introduce the talents, their specialties and skills to you
  • Arrange interviews and meetings
  • Support both you and the talent during the whole process
  • Help you with the negotiations and practicalities

in-house recruitment

In a need of new or additional In-House Talent Acquisition? This is what we can do for you.

  • We can help you if you have short- or long term need for Talent Acquisition at any level; assistant, coordinator, recruiter, senior recruiter or someone leading the Talent Acquisition team
  • We can establish a whole new Talent Acquisition team for you or manage the existing one
  • We can handle the existing Talent Acquisition process or create one from scratch
  • We can create job ads, participate in job fairs and plan and execute recruitment events and meet-ups
  • We can source and contact passive talents or manage incoming applications
  • We can evaluate the skills and cultural fit of the new talent
  • We can manage relationships with the talents and the hiring managers and support them during the Talent Acquisition
  • We can help you to create interesting and positive employer brand
  • We can give recruitment training to everyone involved in the Talent Acquisition at your company

recruitment process consulting

Do you miss the best talent "during the process"? Does it take too long to hire the talent you need? Maybe the interview cycles are too long? We can help you create an effective recruitment process.

  • Complete analysis of the current recruitment process
  • Assessing the goals and targets for hiring new people
  • Analysing the interview process and different types of interviews
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